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Wisconsin Edition
Super Slots
By Gayle Mitchell

Other Video Poker Versions,
Part 2
We continue with Other VP choices online and off.
5) Hyper Bonus Poker: With maximum bet on all
three hands, the player has the option to bet an
additional 5 credits per hand to activate the Hyper
Bonus Feature. If a winning hand is dealt, a
multiplier of up to 12X is randomly selected for each
hand and applied to the payout. After the draw, each
of the three hand wins are multiplied with the
corresponding chosen multiplier and awarded to the
6) Build a Wheel Poker: Dealt three-of-a-kind hands
or better earns a slice on the digital wheel. When the
wheel is full, it spins. With a dealt full house or
better, all remaining values on the wheel are filled in
and a spin is awarded immediately.
7) Random Rewards Poker: Buy-a-pay bonus
feature: wager one extra credit per hand to qualify.
Bonus feature awards higher random jackpot
amounts for flush through straight flush categories.
Random jackpot amounts change with every hand.
8) Extra Action Poker:Buy-a-pay wagers of up to 15
credits activate exciting bonus hands Valuable dealt
aces and deuces are transferred to all active bonus
9) Mid Play Poker: Mid Play feature gives the option
to wager on up to three additional hands on the
draw. Player targets desired Mid Play combination
by holding appropriate cards to match; a total of up
to four possible winning combinations for one
additional credit. Wager up to 20 credits on side bet.
10) SupaJax Progressive Video Poker: SupaJax
Poker is based on Jacks or Better VP. A deck of 52
cards is used plus a SupaJax card. The SupaJax
card is required to win the Progressive Jackpot but
is not a wild card and must be held with Four Jacks
and SupaJax combination.
The Jackpot amount continues to build until the
Jackpot is won. You must be betting max bet of 5
coins ($5) to win the progressive jackpot. If your
hand contains four Jacks and the SupaJax card and
you bet five coins, you win the Progressive Jackpot!
Other Video Poker Versions Online: 2 Ways Royal
Video Poker; Aces and Eights; Aces and Faces;
Sevens Wild; Tens or Better; SupaJax Poker;
Deuces and Joker; Louisiana Double; Sevens Wild;
Mega Jacks; Mystery Bonus Poker; Split Way Royal.
Caution: most of these VP versions while offering
unique bonuses or twists for the game of poker, the
overall payout percentages are not generally higher
than traditional VP versions, and we all play for this
advantage. This is especially true with progressives.
For example, Jacks or Better offers a higher payout
for two pair versus the same return for one pair or
two at other versions. Likewise, the straight, flush or
full house payouts may be reduced. Additionally,
with side bets, your bankroll will be increased, thus
damaging your wager management plan.

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