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Our Winner Plays Bingo at St. Bernadette
Kayla Mims enjoys Bingo with her mom Nancy
Good friends, good food and family time, the Bingo experience
Kayla, our current Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes Winner will tell you why she likes playing
Bingo. “I like meeting new people, enjoy spending time with some old friends and have fun
with my mom Nancy, when we go our to play Bingo. Due to health concerns, I can’t
participate in strenuous sports or activities. Family time means the most to me, my mom
has helped me all my life. Bingo gives us a chance to do something together”. Kayla and
her mom play Bingo at St.Bernadette 8202 W. Denver in Milwaukee and Elks Lodge #46
at 5555 W. Good Hope Rd. in Milwaukee.
The food at St. Bernadette Bingo is also a treat according to our latest winner. Some of
her favorites include the Veggie Roll, Wraps, Meatball Sub with Mozzarella Cheese and a
Veggie Tray. Like some other Bingo Halls, St. Bernadette is known for their exceptional
desserts. For beverages, they serve Pepsi products. Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Canada Dry
Ginger Ale, Mountain Dew and Root Beer are available to wet your whistle.
Alice Manthey, Bingo Supervisor assisted us by presenting Kayla with her Sweepstakes
winnings. Alice says, “I do many different jobs here at St. Bernadette, I enjoy the people
who come here to play Bingo, they are nice and friendly. We do everyting we can to make
them feel comfortable. Our facility is wheel chair accessible and we serve great food a
reasonable prices. Our menu changes periodically to add variety.
Kayla Mims, our Sweepstakes Winner, went on to tell us how she enjoys reading the
Bingo Bugle. One of her favorite articles
is Aunt Bingo and also likes the Bingo Sisters. Both Kayla and her mom Nancy say that
they always make sure to fill out the Bingo Bugle Sweepstakes entry in hopes of winning.
Well, it sure did pay off for Kayla this month.
We enjoyed the time we spent with Kayla and Nancy and wish them the best of luck at
Bingo. You can join them at St. Bernadette Bingo. See their full ad on Page 6 of this