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Saving Money Leads to Speeding
Nancy’s rules
All this talk about meetings with Russian officials kind of
reminds me of that day at Brandenburg Gate when our
President stood up for freedom and said, “Mr. Gorbachev,
tear down this wall.”

The Reagans were already settled in the White House, so
it never occurred to me to reveal to any probe that I saw
our president with Mr. Gorbachev. Maybe it was generally
understood that Nancy, er, Reagan had things pretty much
lined up and we all felt that we were secure.
After his speech they shook hands and Reagan put his
hand on Gorbi’s back. Gorbi returned the gesture as they
entered the Hall.

“You can call me Ron,” said Reagan
(They were unaware that I was resting on the sofa when
they came in.)
“Nice weather here. Nancy really likes it.”
“Do you want to play some cards?” asked Reagan, as he
pulled a deck of cards out of his coat pocket and began
“Did you ever play War?”
“Ahh War. One of my favorites. What’s the stakes. How
about Venzuela?”
Just then Nancy opened the door and stuck her head
“Time to go Ronnie. Bingo starts in thirty minutes and you
need to rest a bit.”
“I have to go Gorbi. I’ll explain later.”
At the sound of the word Bingo, I quickly followed Reagan
outside where he got very testy.
“What are you doing, Nancy? You know they don’t play
Bingo here. We were just getting to know each other.”
“I had to get you out of there, Ronnie. People are talking.
Newsmen are asking questions.” She made him promise
that he would never admit to meeting privately with a
Russian leader. Since then it has always been an
unspoken rule. Neither the president, nor his relative, nor
his agent will meet privately with a Russian politician. If
they do they must never freely admit it.