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Stranger Invasion

Dear Aunt Bingo:
We had the craziest invasion of strangers at our local Bingo
hall this week.
Ours is an urban church Bingo in an interesting area that is
a mix of older neighborhoods on the back streets and trendy
new shops, theaters, bars and restaurants on the main

Some office buildings and churches are still located on these
avenues as well, but they are usually dark by the time
evening comes and the trendy places get going.
One of the exceptions to this general rule is our Catholic
church, which is used for many community events, including
Bingo on Wednesday and Friday nights.

The church has its own large parking lot and entrances in
the back, which is how most people come and go from
church activities. It’s convenient because you can visit
without having to elbow your way through the crowds of
people on the avenues. And it’s amazing how, no matter how
noisy it gets outside, you never hear anything when you’re in
the community hall or meeting rooms.

This Friday, as people were arriving at the church for Bingo,
a small tour shuttle could be seen parked in the road by the
parking lot. We didn’t pay it much attention because buses
and shuttles sometimes pass through the area.
But about 20 minutes before the games were to begin, the
shuttle driver and a woman who I assume was one of his
passengers came into the hall and asked for the Bingo
coordinator. They had a brief conversation, then left. Right
after that, the coordinator went to the caller’s microphone
and made an announcement.

She said that a tour group had arrived at one of the avenue
restaurants and that the restaurant had messed up and
overbooked their dining room. They had arrived after
another large group had been seated and had to wait a
while for their tables. They asked if they could come in and
play Bingo while they waited, and the manager had said yes.
Right after that, the group of about 25 well-dressed men and
women came filing into the hall. We all applauded for them
and made them feel welcome, and people got up and moved
to different seats so that they could sit together.

They stayed and played for two Bingo sessions, until word
came that their seats were ready at the restaurant. Then
they all packed up and headed out the door together.
It was so fun and unexpected to have these out-of-town folks
pop in to share an evening of Bingo with us. And it was
especially nice of them not to win.
M.W., Illinois, via email

Dear M.W.:
What a welcome letter. You paint such a wonderful picture
of your neighborhood with its mix of traditional old and
trendy new, which sounds like it all blends well together. It
strikes me as place I might like to live…especially come

Your story was particularly interesting because, while it was
kind of the Bingo coordinator and your fellow Bingo players
to make the tour group feel welcome, it was equally amazing
that the visitors had decided to turn lemons into lemonade
by joining a church Bingo for an hour or two instead of sitting
on a boring shuttle bus getting hungry and cranky.
Two thumbs up to the driver and passenger for venturing
into your community hall and asking if they could join you. I
am curious, though—did the shuttle driver play Bingo too?

Aunt Bingo

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