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Bonding with Whippersnappers

Young people need something stable to hang on to—
a culture connection, a sense of their own past, a
hope for their own future. Most of all, they need what
grandparents can give them. —Jay Kesler
Autumn Equinox this year is Friday, September 22. That is
the day when night and day are nearly the same length,
which signifies the beginning of autumn. I don’t know
whether to be happy or sad about this. Autumn means the
beginning of cold weather and I hate being cold. Summer
means heat and humidity,which I also hate. As a
youngster our home had window fans, not air
conditioning; or we sat with cool drinks under the large
oak tree that shaded our house. In winter when snow
arrived with howling winds, we warmed ourselves by the
coal stove before going upstairs to cold beds piled high
with blankets and quilts. No one complained because that
was the way it was and we were used to it. Fast forward
to this month and year and I admit I am one spoiled little
old lady. Air conditioning in summer? You bet. Electric
blanket in winter? You bet. I’m like the baby bear in
Goldilocks. Do I get grouchy if my body temp isn’t just
right? You bet. Ask my ever loving husband as he’s put up
with me when the AC died when it was hotter than Hades
in July; also, when a blizzard killed the electric and our
gas furnace pooped out on us with snow hip deep. Truth
be told, I love autumn and spring with their warm days and
cool nights. I can go to bingo without worrying about heat
strokes, or having to scrape ice from the car windshield
and slip slide home on snowy roads.

And speaking of bingo, keep this in mind. President Jimmy
Carter made the first Sunday after Labor Day an official
national holiday to honor grandparents. So, I’m suggesting
that on September 8th this year, consider taking your
grandparents to bingo. If they’ve never played the modern
version, this is a fine opportunity to teach them the basics.
If they’re already regular players, offer to pay for the
evening’s entertainment. Remember they won’t be around
forever and time spent with them in any capacity is always
time well spent. My grandmother lived with our family for
years and I will always regret that I didn’t sit down and talk
with her more about her life experiences. And for the
grandparents who are reading this article, there’s another
way to look at this special day. Call up your grandchildren
and invite them to attend bingo with you. Offer to pay for
the evening as an incentive because if yours are like mine
they never seem to have ready cash. We need to
introduce younger players to our favorite hobby and this is
a great chance to do just that. At the same time you’ll be
bonding with those young whippersnappers we dearly

Until next month may Lady Luck blow you kisses as you
dance out the door with dollars. Win big.
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